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A racial slur used against Hungarians by Romanians with an inferiority complex.
"When people thinks of Romania, they think of orphanages, Dracula and eBay scammers - it's the fault of those bozgors who're holding us back, I swear!!"
by Suessi August 04, 2007
279 322
Hungarian people who live in Romania and refuse to learn Romanian, thus pissing off Romanian people by having biligual schools and street signs. They also want to form a state in Romania making it a state in a state. Bozgors are hated by native Romanians since 1500 untill now.
Omfg i could kill that stupid bozgor. Because of him we printed exam subjects in 2 languages.

Every true Romanian hates bozgors. They try to steal half of our country!

Stupid bozgors why don't they learn Romanian like other nations who settled here did.
by keeekeeess April 03, 2007
406 384
Hungarians, whose ancestors arrived like barbarian invadors from Central Asia in Transylvania and Panonia, already peopled by Romanians, are called by the term "BOZGOR," that means countryless, one without a homeland.
Du-te-n pizda ma-ti de bozgor împutit.
by Vlad - III the Impaler June 26, 2008
287 266
People, in this case hungarians, without a country/home, homeland; an unwelcome trespasser in the Rumanian's homeland.
Those bozgors want to ocupy Transilvania. The bozgor is not talking romanian in front of romanians.
by Andreiutzu April 16, 2008
232 228
Hungarians that live in Romania that refuse to think that Transilvania is a romanian region and they keep dreaming that their shity country will conquer Transylvania,Voevodina,Slovacia.
Other synonyms for hungarians:donkey fucker,horse wanker,hungay,hungaristani,hungipsy.
Marko Bela is an bozgor donkey fucker.

Bozgors,go home.

A drunk bozgor is screaming:"Nem,nem,soha!!!"
by tipatescu May 13, 2008
199 229
The word "bozgor" is used on group of Romanians (Romanian nationality) in Transylvania.

Enormous number of Romanians (from Moldova and South-Romania) were moved unwillingly to Transylvania during the communist regime to change the ethnic composition of the population. Having no roots in this country, these people are called "bozgor" - meaning: without country.

The other meaning is used by the Romanians (Vlach) as a response. The native Hungarians are often called "bozgor".

Both meanings are extremely racist and used only by the lower class with lack of education.

Most of the blocks (cockneydom) in old Hungarian cities were filled by Romanian population now called "bozgor".

Examples: Cluj /Kolozsvar, Klaussenburg/, Cart. Marasti, Manastur, ...

Targu Mures /Marosvasarhely/, Cart. Tudor V, ...

Hunedoara /Vajdahunyad/, Oradea /Nagyvarad/, other 13 cities and several villages.
by What-Is-Bozgor March 26, 2009
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BOZGOR = ROMANIAN /ROMAN DE BLOC/ (group of ethnic Romanians moved to Transylvania living at the "Blocks").

The word "bozgor" is used on group of Romanians (Romanian nationality) in Transylvania. People without roots (Roman de cartier/Roman de bloc)

Large number of Romanians were moved unwillingly to Transylvania after 1919 and during the communist regime to change the ethnic composition of the population. Having no roots, no ancestors in this country, these people are called "bozgor". Bozgor means "Romanian without country" or "Roman de bloc".
The whole area was empty before, now it is full with blocks and bozgors.
by Averam April 01, 2009
71 149