Gross, disgusting, UGLY, BOYYYYYYT!
That girl is so boyt!
Lion's poop's boyt.
This coffee is boyt!
by iEatBadgers May 07, 2006
Top Definition
thats wassup, i agree, reppin wat u believe
im from killa kali boyt!
lil wayne iz da best rapper alive boyt!
boyt thats ma lil sister holdin it down
by alexandria b.k.a da real deal November 26, 2007
delaware slang for saying boy
Ur such a stupid boyt(ex.Cole)
Teacher"Boyt shut up"
by Kyle February 21, 2003
Bye, Later, Peace in Scene Kid Language.
Hay I'll see you later, I'm going to dye my hair, boyt.

We're so scene let's go draw diamonds and bats, boyt frenz.
by tkramer February 10, 2009
Someone posessing the unique qualities of being a Boyt. Boyts are often loners who talk to pictures convinced they are real.
Guy 1: Hi
Guy 2: Stewie says I am not allowed to talk to you anymore
Guy 3: What a Boyt.
by Uber Voodoo December 26, 2005
Synonym for sperm. Used when you want to make your comment especially disgusting.
"Dude I'd give that girl a boyt sandwich."

"... & then he boyted all over the place."
by Linnay16 April 13, 2009
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