The common slang phrase for a romantic relationship between two underaged males. Although most commonly used to describe two teens in love, it also applies to adolescents, and preteens. (Although many particularly homophobic people claim that such relationships between young males don't exist.)
Mandy: "Look over there at those two boy lovers..."
Jane: "Oh come on, you don't seriously think they're in love do you?"
Mandy: "Well, duh. Look at the way they're cuddling!"
by .Truth. September 17, 2005
Top Definition
1. A pedophilic attraction to boys. Being romantically, emotionally and/or sexually attracted to young males. Used as a morally-neutral term for such attraction by the pedophile activist movement.

2. Affection between adolescent and pre-adolescent boys. Both in a fairly platonic manner and in the context of sexual experimenting.
-You like little kids! Doesn't that make you a child molester?
-It's just that I like them. You know, boylove.

-Dude, you touched him when you were 12? That's gay!
-It was just boylove!
by Seth M. January 14, 2007
Loving Underage boys
boylover, loved boy
by X December 30, 2003
Slang term for gay teenagers.
Stories about boy love.. a.k.a slash
by Lia December 23, 2004
Homoerotic relations between young men. Boylove can occur between any combination of gay, bi, or straight guys. It is often used in bands that play emo or punk music, as a means for getting attention from hormonally charged young girls. Again, it must be noted that engaging in boylove does not mean someone is gay or even bi. It is a non-labeled level of openmindedness and freedom with one's sexuality.
Guy: "Disgusting, the guitarist just kissed the lead singer, and they're both guys. That's so gay!"
Girl: "No, you moron, it's boylove and it's fuckin hott!"
by Luke Larson February 27, 2006
When guys interact with touching, and hugging but not in a homosexual way. Boylove is properly symbolized with seahorses. NOT LOBSTERS! OK!
During older shows of The Killers(pre- Hot Fuss) there was a lot more Boylove action on stage. Mainly between Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning.
by Evil Em February 01, 2007
when band members on stage at a concert show affection as to illustrate a part of the song they are singing
well.. one time at 'the killers' concert, brandon showed boy love by wraping his arms around mark and stroking his face..
a lot of bands do it if you pay attention
by xBeccAx December 22, 2005
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