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boyfriendly, n. a relationship with a boy characterized as more than fuck buddy, less than boyfriends; the person with whom you are (in the beginning stages of) having a low-key non-exclusive relationship that is primarily sexual but also involves cuddling and very simple (often cliche) romantic gestures

(pl. boyfriendlys; cf. girlfriendly)

cf. "friendly" as used in military jargon
Even though we aren't quite friends, I went with John to a movie. So he isn't just my fuck buddy, but I won't introduce him to my parents, so he isn't quite my boyfriend. I guess you'd call him my boyfriendly.
by DougB September 26, 2006
In the capacity of a boyfriend.
I fulfilled my boyfriendly duty of buying flowers for my girlfriend.
by Curtis Jay May 10, 2006
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