Home of The White Trash. Consumes about 90% percent of the population. They say it's a no place for hate .. they're full of shit !
"Oh I'll send my kid to Boyertown, they have a nice no place for hate program"
"The hell they do! That's why people take their life because of bullying they didn't do shit for !"
by BeenThereDoneThat July 05, 2012
Top Definition
wankster town, home of the KKK, also home of wanksters. 75% of people that live hear are wannabe gangsters who think they are crypt/crip or blood and don't even know of any other gangs which is why they say they are crypt/crip or blood. 99% of the black population here are Eshbach's. 99% of people here are white.
black kid-"Hahaha that white kid thinks he's black!"
other black kid-"Yea i bet he lives in boyertown!"
by cntTOPths May 08, 2007
Boring as hell school.

Watch out for the KKK.
This is a grand spanking total of 2 niggas in the Boyertown school district.
by Yea..mandude May 09, 2005
A bunch a ritzy assholes and kids who think they are gods. The kkk is nothing but a joke. Kids in Boyertown school district are dropping like flies thanks to "bullies" and suicide because they think there is no other way out.
Lots of white trash in boyertown think its great to discriminate against people of color.
by btownbitch December 18, 2010
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