Top Definition
-adj {boy-seh-fyed}
receiving more than 12 legit strokes during sexual intercourse.

-verb (boycifing) {boy-seh-fy-ing}
giving more than 12 legit strokes inside a female during sexual intercourse.

-noun (boycification) {boy-seh-fa-cay-tion}
the process of 12 legit strokes during sexual intercourse to mark satisfactory for all parties.
1- the man really did a number on that woman's vagina; she was boycified at least three times.

2-You've just been boycified, bitch!

3- Sean is in the back boycifying that new girl from accounting.

4- After the twelfth stroke was set, the boycification process was complete.
by Jonny Dangerously August 31, 2010

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