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The overwhelming urge for sexual activity some males feel immediately after smoking crack.
Joe: Hey girl, would you mind if I gave you a rim job?
Sarah: Shut up Joe!

Joe: Hey girl, can we dp you?
Kris: Not tonite Joe!
Joe: Hey girl, I'm a master cunnilingus

Debbie: Stop masturbating Joe!

Joe: oh, sorry I guess I'm just feeling boyciferous.
by thinkpink4733 December 03, 2011
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The immediate and overwhelming desire for sexual activity some males experience after inhaling crack cocaine.
Joe: <cough cough>..... Hey everyone, how about us three, the neighbor, the mailman, and one of the neighbors great danes get naked and do some dp!

Kelli: Oh my Gawd.... Joe, stop masturbating. You'll make me vomit.
Juli: Chill out Kelli, Joes just boyciferous.
by mr.squanky June 10, 2011

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