Once a greek myth, this man turned sex god is the absolution of lust and desire. Having the ability to turn straight guys gay and girls panties into pools of water, BoyToy the all time master of water polo and WOW has the ability to sexify your mom whenever he pleases. Unfortunately, he has been cursed by the wicked witch of Poland to believe he is unattractive. Unbeknownst of his awesome sex appeal he is left alone is solitary with cesaer as they annihilate noobs in COD and use they gunship to soil any haters. The only way for this curse to be broken is to be kissed by all the girls which believe he is attractive ( which is every single one). After this he will respond with a swift and curtly GMD!
Man did you see BoyToy last night, when he got that gunship in COD my girlfriend left me for him.....and I don't even mind because I'm gay now!
by nitro_zero March 29, 2011
Top Definition
A male used specifically by females for pleasure and fun when their husband or boy friend is not giving them enough attention or in case of break up or divorce.
I need to find myself a boy toy.
by Belinda April 14, 2004
A guy friend that you have simply for the purpose of:

a)his company

Boytoys are useful for making you feel sexy after your boyfriend breaks up with you. Similar to a booty call except the girl knows its not gonna go anywhere. (;
Man, am I tired, my boytoy came over last night...
by Fianna sidhe October 04, 2003
(v)Friends with Benifits and no obligations to eachother.
(n)Boy who will bend over backwards to do anything for a girl, knowing full well that the girl is using him.
Jon is Ashleys boy toy, he performs sexual favors for her and he doesnt expect anything in return.
by Pam January 23, 2004
this can mean many things.
for some girls a boy toy is someone who they take advantage of for sexual purposes. in MOST cases, a boy toy is someone they fool around with, or like to be around. in this use of the word, both the female and the male have equal power. so, contrary to what SOME people think, being this does not make you somebody's bitch. being a boy toy is not a bad thing, it is mostly a good thing especially for guys who are horndogs. but everyone always knows that girls have a little more power because THEY can take away privelages. so don't complain :]
i had some fun with my boy toy last night
by girl with a lot of power April 22, 2007
A guy that takes care of the needs of a certain someone... does whatever is needed of him.. almost like her bitch... but... a much nicer way of putting it...
Ex. Diana lives 3 hours away from her boy toy in Cape Coral, but when she visits him, he takes care of all of her needs
by The Deacon October 17, 2005
A relationship between a man and a woman that involves only sex and none of the other things that are affiliated with it, like conversation, sleep, hugging, and buying things. It is quite possibly as close as any human realtionship will ever get to perfection.
"He's my boytoy."
"Damn strait."
by chris122790 May 06, 2007
What a boy is referred to when:
A- You are not officially dating him.
B- You have broken up, but still are friends.
C-A booty call or fuck buddy.
A: He finally told me he liked me yesterday, but he didn't ask me out.

B: I guess that makes him your boytoy.
by AyeSaysSo October 04, 2009
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