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A blowjob with boxers on.
Kari gave Rob a boxerjob.
by Matt Dennis July 02, 2005
When a guy gets a blowjob (hopefully from a girl) with boxers on.
I was laying in bed with my girlfriend. Her and I were watching television. I was wearing boxers. She looked at me with a very devilish grin, and reached inside my boxers. I felt myself get a little hard from her touch. She took my dick and balls out of my boxers. By this time, I was fully hard. She put her mouth around my fat cock and began to go up and down on me. I moaned a little bit. She began to hum, and it drove me up a wall. I moaned so much. I felt an orgasm growing inside me. My breath began to quicken. She was deepthroating me now. I moaned a little more. A few seconds later, I felt an explosion inside me. I thrust my cock into her mouth, and I felt the cum come out. She took my dick out of her mouth and gave me a little hand job to make sure I was done. I looked into her eyes and said, "That was the best boxerjob ever."
by Anonymous32508 May 24, 2008

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