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When you play slow songs when there is only guy or majority of guy among you.

playing slow songs to get another guy pants off.
I only play the finest of Boxer droppers when dudes are around.
by Hot pocket magee April 26, 2011
6 1
A girl has so much swag, money, and looks that a male will drop anything for her.
Erik: Look at that female in that Lexus

Bob: Daaaamn i'll drop the boxers for her anytime.

Erik: Shes a boxer dropper
by LaTefa November 13, 2013
2 0
The opposite of a "Panty Dropper" in regards to gender. Something a woman does, or the woman herself, that is perceived to be sexually attractive to a man.
"It is such a boxer dropper when my wife wears a football jersey and heels when we do it!"
by MEDWARDSPHX August 30, 2013
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