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The opposite of a "Panty Dropper" in regards to gender. Something a woman does, or the woman herself, that is perceived to be sexually attractive to a man.
"It is such a boxer dropper when my wife wears a football jersey and heels when we do it!"
by MEDWARDSPHX August 30, 2013
A girl has so much swag, money, and looks that a male will drop anything for her.
Erik: Look at that female in that Lexus

Bob: Daaaamn i'll drop the boxers for her anytime.

Erik: Shes a boxer dropper
by LaTefa November 13, 2013
When you play slow songs when there is only guy or majority of guy among you.

playing slow songs to get another guy pants off.
I only play the finest of Boxer droppers when dudes are around.
by Hot pocket magee April 26, 2011
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