a small party, often involving drugs and alcohol, between a small group of friends that lasts at least two days. partiers are expected to be awake all through the night or suffer pranks.
1) hey dude, my parents are out of town for the weekend, let's box social!
2) tay's havin a box social tonight, he said to invite you.
by helsbels July 14, 2006
A party where it is only your group of friends there and not having more than 13 people there
yo Alex that was a sick box social last weekend there werent to many or to little people there
by Lindermen November 05, 2005
1. A small party (less than 20 people) that takes place when a teen has the house to herself but doesnt want too many people there. Often lasts several days.
2. A small stoner party.
"my parents are out for the weekend, im having a box social".
by santeria420 September 20, 2006
A social gathering, in which there is no cake or punch involved. The opposite of a party. The punch was removed because of too many punch spikings, but the cake was removed for entirely different reasons.
"Box Socials whip party's back to the medieval agaes so fast!!!..."
by sum-dude December 14, 2004
A party with no booze.
"Mike has a party yoohoo!" "No dude his parents are in, its fucking box social" "Tame man, tame."
by Damres June 30, 2005
A person who eats alot of pussy
Pretty Ricky is box social
by Urban Mistress July 13, 2005

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