when something is so fucking awesome its just, Box.

(also box is the opposite of frail)
yo bro that shit was so box, i just couldnt contain myself.

"yo this jew david got madd sloshed an shat all over the back seat of my car".

"Oh shit man that defiantly is the opposite of box".
by triple gangster x November 05, 2010
a box is something that you put something else in
i packed my clothes in a box
by krystal July 12, 2004
a positive word used to describle things that have either an intersting look or personality. A box might also be something you say when u see something funny...it is never used in a mean way.
That dog only has three legs, that is so boxed.
Why won't this box move, can't he see the light is green?
by MallyB October 09, 2006
A ladie's pussy, vagina, reproductive organ, to fuck the shit ot of, since used in derogitory manner,
from sopranos
"tell me where michel is or i'll shove this walkman up your box"
by dylan with the big dick January 13, 2006
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