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In sports (real and fantasy) a term used to describe a trade where the other side got nothing of any real value in return.
"Philadelphia traded their whole team to New York for nothing but a box of rocks."
"Derek is trying to get Joe's best outfielder, second baseman and pitcher for a box of rocks."
by Henry II August 12, 2006
When a person, usually a male, has brain matter equivalent to a cardboard box containing a assortment of rocks with absolutely no street value. Not to be confused with a jewelry box.
Mike is a fuckin' box of rocks. He does the dumbest shit.
by JP March 11, 2005
A case of Rolling Rock beer (in bottles).
Lets go to the store and get a box of rocks.
by Tom W W April 17, 2008
Nick name giving to Peter Petrelli after in Season 2 his IQ had dropped to that of a box of rocks
He didn't even want to find out who he was, just like Box of Rocks
by Jenna4891 January 27, 2008