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When a female rubs her breast against another females vagina in an up and down motion which can lead to orgasm.
Sally was bowling on Jane last night and gave her an orgasm.
by OJProductions August 18, 2006
41 35
1.Actual bowling, with 10 pins and 1 ball.
2. Masturbating, with 2 balls and 1 pin.
Whenever Matt goes bowling, his wrist is sore for hours.
by John_Steinbeck August 13, 2005
291 80
Simply a codeword for smoking Cannabis to be used around non-users
student1: "Hey you want to go bowling tommorow?"
student2: "Bowling it is."
teacher: "What's that you say?"
students: "Nothing...just bowling."
by Yodia January 19, 2006
162 110
1. Noun; The sport in which you throw a bowling ball at pins.
2. Verb; usually means to smoke weed (hints the word "bowl"ing)
Dude, you wanna go bowling? I got some bomb ass kill.
by Horsch_it May 05, 2011
42 20
Same rules as bowling except instead of knocking down pins each player must cash a bowl.
Strike = One hit to cash the bowl
Spare = Two hits to cash the bowl
Gutter Ball = A person Volcano's or drops the pins (danks)
- Dam Keith just scored a perfect game in bowling.

- Yeah and he's so far gone.
by rawbeats January 08, 2011
33 22
Filling all three of a woman's holes during the act of sexual intercourse, as if she was a bowling ball. This can be done by three men, or by one man using the penis and hands (a modified shocker) or by one man taking turns at each hole.
Husband: "Hey honey, can I go bowling tonight?"
Wife: "Sure, let me grab the lube"
by JTrenary September 09, 2005
112 105
The act of sticking you thumb in a womans ass while hitting it from the back, holding her ass such as a bowling ball.
-Jim: Hey Chance i took my girl bowling last week
-Chance: I okay that cool
-Jim: Nal i took her bowling!
-Chance: OHHHH you took her bowling, how did she like it?
-Jim: She was cool with it.

I took that bitch bowling last night.
by Negharasaki March 30, 2011
26 21