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Said when somebody unintentionally or purposely says something that has a double meaning (usually sexual in nature).
"Did somebody call for a hairy plumber?"
"Bow chika bow wow!"

"I'm gonna lay some pipe."
"Bow chika bow wow!"
by Da Black Wiz November 08, 2006
The onomatopoeia for the stereotypical funk riff used in porno music.
*bowCHIKA bow-WOW*

Often used to insinuate sexual innuendo and/or activities.
Hey, I heard you have two sisters-*BowChika* and they're twins-*BowWow*

Did someone call for a plumber? music in background*bow chika bow wow*/music in background
by Mark Navarro March 16, 2007
Adj. A phrase that means ohhh yea or sexy.
1. Oh snap Isabella unzipped her shirt, bow chika bow wow!

2. I came to lay down some pipe, BOW CHIKA BOW WOW!
by 3W0K March 07, 2007
A funny remark to say after someone unwittingly says something suggestive or vulgar, or to be said ofter saying something sugestive.
I better go an watch their back . . . Bow-Chika-Bow-Wow

Person 1: "Yeah then I just went and grabbed it!"
person 2: "Bow-Chika-Bow-Wow."
by Razor X October 24, 2007
1.What perverted assholes say when they have said something supid and immature about a sexy and or busty girl.
2.Something stupid people say just 'cuz its fun to say.
1."Did somebody call for a hairy plumber?"
"Bow chika bow wow
2.A bow chika bow wow Chorus
by ImNotTucker January 19, 2007
Faggotiest phrase ever invented. Only used by retards who deserve to be shot in the face.
Some fucking faggot - "bow chika bow wow"
by KKKermit August 18, 2007
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