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drop dead gorgeous.
you're the most bovi person in the world.
by bovskie May 10, 2009
2 4
Term used to describe an event or situation that is awkward, inconvenient or generally irritating.

The term comes from the name of a less than acceptable housing estate. (Bovis Homes)
"Man, nobody's got any weed today."

"All the pussy at this party is janky."
"This is bovis."
by omgwes July 27, 2009
3 0
bovis not only means and insult to someone who is an idiot but it also is a compliment to someone who is cool (double meaning)
matt you are so bovis
by Jess August 26, 2004
7 4
an insult to someone who is an idiot.
matt, you bovis!
by tommy March 03, 2004
1 1