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Someone with hood like tendencies but prefers the posh life even the ghetto is never too far away.
Did you see Tammie at that new upscale reestraunt, Livingston with the girls having dinner? Well the girls were having dinner but Tammie was drinking water with lemon and eating bread.

Wow that is so Bourghetto!
by Hipi January 29, 2010
Pronunciation: bu-zh-etto
Function: adjective

A combination of the word 'bourgeois,' or a person who's snobby and only concerned with material interests, and 'ghetto,' meaning one from the 'hood.

Damn, look at her rocking a fake Gucci purse with Jimmy Choo boots. She's hella bourghetto with it!
by Kamrencita October 08, 2008
to behave in a snobby or uppity manner towards someone else from the 'hood;

to act better than your people/socioeconomic origin
Betty: Girl, you know I need to stop at Starbucks and get myself a nonfat mocha soy latte and a wheatgrass shot.

Sue: Girl, don't be gettin' all bourghetto on me now.
by fluffcon December 07, 2008
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