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The fucking worst music video by Kanye ever created. If shit had a set of eyes(with expensive glasses) it would refuse to watch it.

Too be honest only people who enjoy fish dicks would appreciate this trajedy of a music video.
Tony : Hey John have you seen the new music video for Bound2 by Kanye?

John : (No response because following the viewing he drove off the largest cliff iMaps could find him.)

Please do not watch it.
by D1rtyDutch November 19, 2013
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A derogatory term for a motorcyclist with a naked female passenger riding in front, reversed, often with a bored blinking expression.

"Hey check out that bound 2"

Originates from the masterpiece music video from Kayne West as a bound 2.
Hey naked female on my bike, stop blinking and looking bored, people with think I'm 'bound 2'!
by campsta November 27, 2013
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