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passing off a chick to your buddy
Rod: That slut won't leave me alone, been all over me all night. She's on a mission to get laid.
Brock: So what's the problem?
Rod: wife on her way. Can't have a chick like that all over my nutz. Gonna talk you up now then I'm bailing.
Brock: Bounce pass. Nice.
Rod: Don't blow the lay up guy.
by akarod November 14, 2011
When you're handing the joint to your homey, and one of you drops it. The next person proceeds to retrieve it off the ground, and hit it. This is called a bounce pass, because the joint hit the ground before it was handed to the next person.
(John drops J on the ground). Phil: "Aw shit man, bounce pass!" (Phil picks up the joint and proceeds to indulge.)
by MCCoutu July 12, 2016
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