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to make a come back after falling off of your empire. to just get back in the game (rap game, dope game, whateva)
Juvenile's song. I'm bout to bounce back. Nigga i fell off for a second but i'm straight cuz i done bounced back
by DALLAS CHICK 2004 March 10, 2004
to recuperate and return after a defeat.

to get up after a fall.

to have some hard shit happen to you, but you come back in the end no worse for the wear.
ben: aiden got in a car accident a few months ago. really banged him up.

sara: how's he doing now?

ben: well, he was able to bounce back pretty good.
by rockeroverhere July 29, 2006
A game in which one person will perform an act to a person and the other has to return it, but do it better.
Hey my parents aren't home, lets go to my place and play bounce back!
by tattooofthesun December 14, 2008
While having sex, the harmonious rhythm attainable via adequate cushioning.
"Man that futon was hell to have sex on, but this air mattress has the perfect bounceback."
by theChromeLamma March 30, 2009
When a woman cheats on her significant other, the man whom she cheated with hits it and she bounces back to her significant other. This champion of a man is the bounce back.
Andy became a "bounce back" when he fucked his friends' girlfriend & she continued with her relationship happily.
by A.C. Rivera November 15, 2008
When a girl has a lot of booty, implying that if she fell, she would bounce back up to her feet.
"Daaaaamn, dog, that girl got BOUNCE BACK"
by DJ SA June 10, 2008
to holla back; to get back at somebody, to react
-ill bounce back
by d2l_real December 16, 2005
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