a really fucking small, woodsy place in the bay area. contains one mexican restaurant.
man: we just moved to boulder creek here
wife: a scorpion just crawled out of our pile of firewood...
neighbor: that shit happens
by chaptermagic June 13, 2008
A sweet-ass creek that runs all the way from the mountains down through Boulder, Colorado. It has a bike path the whole way and it's a great way to get around town or just take a walk or whatever. Lot's of people swim and go tubing during the spring and summer. It's dope.
Bro: So what'd you end up doing yesterday?
Me: Oh, were just kickin' it at the creek, playing frisbee, smoking bowls, drinking beers...
Bro: Oh that's tight.
Me: yeah, boulder creek is the shit.
Bro: word...
by Schadey August 19, 2009

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