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refers to anything, or anyone using or wearing, anything that could be described as being expensive just to be expensive. Buji can be used as a noun or an adjective.
A female that's high class, or thinks she is....stuck up,
I wanna bust it baby, don't want no bouji bitch! (plies)
by Ms. Taylor Made November 29, 2007
Abbreviation for the term bourgeoisie, which in laymen terms means stuck up, snobbish, or just thinking your better than others because of your economic status. It represents the capitalist class over peasants.

Original usage of Bourgeoisie:1707, "body of freemen in a French town; the French middle class," from Fr. bourgeois, from O.Fr. burgeis, borjois (12c.) "town dweller" (as distinct from "peasant"), from borc "town, village," from Frank. *burg "city" (see borough). Communist use for "the capitalist class
The Hollywood crowd is just too bouji for me.
by magnifico77 September 10, 2011
slang; thinking you are all that--when you're not. Not cute. Broke down. Antonyms: fly, tight. Synonyms: frontin, perpatraitin.
That girl is walking around all boujis-like. Who does she think she is?
by lil LuLu June 17, 2008
Slurred version of the word bullshit used to describe someone who is being fake and someone they're not.
That bouji son of a bitch is trying to look all smart and shit. I've known that guy for years!
by SEY January 24, 2008
1. slang ass vernacular of bullshit.

2. extremely slurred bullshit
Man, that gurl is skrait up bouji

Damn boy, we got homework tonight. That's some bouji.
by azn boy November 04, 2006
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