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Slang term used mostly in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania region. Usually used in place of "man". Can also be spelled "bot".
"Yo, you got some chew bott?"

"Hey whats up, bott?"
by Schuylkill County February 21, 2008
The last name of some of the cutest people on the planet. If you know a Botts, then you should consider yourself very lucky.
Holy cow, he's cute..." "He MUST be a Botts.
by blahblahblahu January 02, 2011
Refers to a seemingly perfect (round and raised) backside or booty of a female/male person(s)
Damn that boy has definitely got tha fine botts!
by SirBottsAlot October 11, 2011
BØTT (Behagelig Økonomisk Trygg Transport) is the name of a good, and safe pirate-taxi company located in Bergen, Norway.

BØTT is known for cheap, safe, legal and rides with good mood home from a night out in the city.
"If you want to get safe home from a night out, call BØTT and you will get safe home."

"If you like your life, and also wants to live tomorrow, BØTT wil get you safe home."
by B-mannnnnnnnnn March 08, 2009
Banging on the table... when you laugh too hard you sometimes do this. Originated on a forum to mock people using rofl, roflmao, lmao, lol, etc.
Mya: How do I get boys to notice me?

Kyle: Touch his fu-king penis you noob.

Mya: BOTT!!!

Kyle: BOTT!!! ^_^
by happy kitten August 18, 2006
Balls Off The Tittie
completely wasted or hammered drunk
completely stoned out of your mind
a combination of the two
Ecraft: Yo D.. how you feelin man?

Drock: Im straight B.O.T.T. right now dawg.
by Ecraft October 18, 2010
Someone who looks ugly or butt ugly. Derived from the word "butt"

"Yo, that chick is bott. Why do you talk to her?"
by -Punjabi- January 18, 2007
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