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In the world of Pimps and Ho's... The Bottom Barrel Bitch is the highest earner amongst the pimp's stable of Ho's.

While the term "Bottom Barrel Bitch” sounds derogatory, it's actually the highest accolade a Pimp can bestow on one of his Ho’s.

The Bottom Barrel Bitch will receive special treatment from her Pimp. Such as sit down dinners, fine furs, minimal pimp slaps (a smart pimp knows not to bruise his merchandise) and paid Dr. visits for the frequent burning sensations that come along with this line of business.
At the end of the week, Tyron knew who she was and what he had to do. Lafawnduh clearly out-earned his other girls and was his Bottom Barrel Bitch. He would get her a fur coat and let her sleep in the bed moving forward. The floor was not good enough for his bottom barrel bitch.
by fillmoreslim October 29, 2013
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