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Synonymous with the act of being fish. One may even be regarded as a bottee-fish if the level of fish cannot be suppressed by just "bottee." A girch ting, one that is so fish that the stench left behind in it's presence can cause an inhibition in sperm production and loss of testosterone. As a negative link in any social situation, a bottee or a bottee-fish is best if extinguished as soon as possible. The single best way of achieving this would be the salty back hand.
D: Damn bro, you see that girch ass ogre on our floor? What the fuck man?
G: Fucking bottee!
D: Nah bro, that's a bottee-fish.
G: Gotta give that a one-two backhand.
D: word!!!
by WestEDefinitions November 03, 2013

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