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1. person(s) belonging to a specific blood line in which tendencies for clumsiness are very strong. they are usually have giant feet - which aid the clumsiness. very difficult to wake up, even with very loud noises.

2. to pull a "bottcher" or act like a "bottcher" is to trip over stuff, run into stuff, etc. possibly causing personal injury. also, saying or doing something obviously retarded, but funny-retarded.
example 1-

Guy 1: <runs into closed sliding glass door, thinking it is open, and getting a bloody nose from it>

Guy 2: haha you're such a bottcher

example 2-

Girl 1: So you're from Australia? Was it hard to learn English?

Everyone Else: haha!

Girl 1: <thinking- 'i really bottched that one up'>
by tbtbtb July 05, 2008
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