Baby on the Brain
My girlfriend said she had BOTB, so I kicked her to the curb.
by finkette January 12, 2010
Top Definition
Battle of the Bands

Where 2 or more bands compete on stage to win a top prize and/or win the title of best band!
Chris: "oh my god, 21 Demands are sooo good"
Joey; "Yea they win like every BOTB that they play"
by Christyballs May 16, 2006
Boogie on the beach. A music stage set up on the beach with a hot band.
Man! Hangout Fest is awesome! We're gonna BOTB!
by WyldBill June 13, 2012
Best Of The Best....could be shortened to BOB.
Sally says to John.... "Dude! You are the BOTB!"
by Cierra P June 06, 2005
Back Of The Book

Something that is writen in the back of a book. It could be answers, a summary, an index ect...
"Jim this shit is hard."
"The answers are BOTB man."
by Carnex August 11, 2007
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