Back Of The Book

Something that is writen in the back of a book. It could be answers, a summary, an index ect...
"Jim this shit is hard."
"The answers are BOTB man."
by Carnex August 11, 2007
Top Definition
Battle of the Bands

Where 2 or more bands compete on stage to win a top prize and/or win the title of best band!
Chris: "oh my god, 21 Demands are sooo good"
Joey; "Yea they win like every BOTB that they play"
by Christyballs May 16, 2006
Boogie on the beach. A music stage set up on the beach with a hot band.
Man! Hangout Fest is awesome! We're gonna BOTB!
by WyldBill June 13, 2012
Baby on the Brain
My girlfriend said she had BOTB, so I kicked her to the curb.
by finkette January 12, 2010
Best Of The Best....could be shortened to BOB.
Sally says to John.... "Dude! You are the BOTB!"
by Cierra P June 06, 2005
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