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anything pertaining to shit, or, infact, a shit.
exampple: this chocoalte tastes like borry bitch! OR that fat mole is such a borry, i say we shave her dog for this shit!
by beatrice September 14, 2004
A fat shit.
Also known as a 'Borrence'.
"I jus' did a fat borry in the dunny's."
by Diego September 09, 2003
A drop of human waste from the anus which, upon impact with the toilet, splashes water back onto the dumper's backside.
The man was wet from his borry.
by that last one burnt February 12, 2011
to borrow
A, man! Lemme borry a dolla!
by G Nizzle March 23, 2004
Of or pertaining to boring.
The town of Ottawa is borry.
by Andrew7361254 June 09, 2008
A girl with excessive makeup poorly applied.
Check out that borry in the dance competition what a joke!
by Professor Cesspool Fooreize July 11, 2016
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