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Tagalog Definition:

Isang lalaki na hindi tunay na lalaki. Alanganin lagi sa kanyang galaw at mahilig makipag harutan ksma ng iba pang lalaki.

English Translation:

A pretentious male whose moves have homosexual inclinations and exhibits a fondness to caress other men.
Dude, why did you pinch my ass? You wouldn't touch me there unless you're a borly.
by 47-93 April 17, 2007

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badaf bading bakla borloloy kulot
in the realm of o rly, but with a Bill O'Reilly twist.
Person 1: Walrod sure sweated a lot in class today.

Person 2: B ORLY?

Person 1: YA B ORLY.
by Shirley W. September 26, 2008