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A traditional Turkish pastry that is usually made up by either cheese or meat. Varities with chicken, spinach or other kinds of vegetables are also available.
Not appropriate to eat when on diet, that is what makes them so appealing and desirable. :) strongly recommended!!!!!
My mother's borek with cheese is better than yours.
by Ayse Gazezoglu August 21, 2007
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The most delicious food in the world.
A middle-eastern (particularly Turkish) pastry, usually made of filo dough and meat, cheese, or spinach.
"Hey man I'm hungry. Got anything over-processed and high in hollow calories?"
"No, but I have borek."
by Nikki Narcissist April 15, 2009
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(noun verb adj. adv.) universal meaning to life;
a word to express feelings of excitment, depression, anger, or mostly sexual
Wanna borek?

Did u borek her?


If you dont shut up ill borek u!!!

by LIZZIE n POUYA June 19, 2005
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