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(n): A large Oak Tree often found in Poland.
(n): A name given to individuals of Polish descent; a variation of the name "Bartholamew"
(n): A famous man residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, often found wearing Check Shirts and standing in front of Nuclear Power Plants around the world. Coined the term, "I'm waiting..."
1. That's a large Bartek in your backyard in Warsaw, Poland!

2. My child's name is Bartek.

3. Bartek was on the couch screaming, "I'm waiting..."
by Wendy Twang June 01, 2006
A crazy dude, generally smokes a lot of weed. Can get annoyed now and again, Overall is a good guy to have a banter with and a good person to know.
Just saw a Bartek strolling through a park with a bong in his hand the other day
by maj ley July 26, 2013
A Bartek is a prank that can be played on anyone who owns a mobile phone.

Step 1: Obtain their number.

Step 2: Give their number to everyone that you know the subject does not have in their phone.

Step 3: Everyone sends messages to them saying "You make me feel like Im the only girl in the world!".

Step 4: Sit back and watch them loose their shit for the next few weeks.

Works best if you keep the prank a secret from killjoys who will ruin it.
person 1(prankee): Who the F**K keeps sending me messages saying you make me feel like im the only girl in the world...

person 2(pranker): I dont know man, ill ask around.

person 1: *walks away*

person 2: that guy is going insane from the good ol Bartek prank hahaha

person 3(also pranker): hahaha he wont be sleeping tonight.
by yourroommateD January 31, 2011
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