1.this word is used in all movies that are aired on public telivision whenever somebody sayes whore
2. this word is a gaywad
i swear i'm not a bore
by up yors July 13, 2008
Top Definition
A singular noun for something that is boring, unexciting, and just plain yawn-inducing.
Man, this movie is such a bore.
by RDS December 25, 2005
Meaning "to stab", with a "borer" (rude-boy terminology meaning sharp, dangerous object, usually a knife)
Watch, I'm gonna bore you up.
by Cup-Sellithaine November 06, 2005
Originated in tadley hamphire, Im going vigourous sexual intercourse with a female
1st example- See that girl, im guna bore her right out

2nd example- Should of seen the rattly i bored out last night, proper bucket on the sort
by Gavlaaar February 07, 2011
to penetrate analy
Cindy got "bored" by MI_SS_IL
by Bastard July 11, 2003
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