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A beautiful person. She is intelligent, funny, caring and everlasting.

I want you to meet my friend. Be careful though, she's a boppy; so treat her with warmth and respect.
by TheGreatOne aka Allah March 29, 2008
Another way of saying wasted, sloppy or just plain drunk.
Anthony: "Yo Syd, what are we doing this weekend?"
Sydney: "We gettin' boppy!"
by thesydster69 January 25, 2012
Head. Boppies is just gettin DOME.
Meaning mad head in the club piece.
by duf July 17, 2006
Shwinbodian Shwinbad feces!
We threw the boppies on the grill and it began bubbling. The boppies splattered into my eyes, ears and throat.
by booska July 25, 2008
Overpriced pillow in the shape of a "C" directly marketed to pregnant women/new moms.
Prop that kid up in a boppy and see if she can feed herself.
by David Scarpetti October 01, 2004
A girl you would like for her to give you Bop
Hey that is some fine Boppy over there.
by GoBlueWolverinez March 27, 2008
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