dc slang, a girl dats down to suck D**k.or perform oral pleasures, suckie suckie
SLim u c shorty over there, i'm tryin to get dat bop asap.

Keisha gave me bop, give me bop.
by 10th pl September 26, 2007
Also known as a dick-rider. a person that shows tremendous obsession over a person and or thing.
Say you bring up the ultimate discussion, Kobe V.s Lebron, (And your on lebrons side) and all these kobe fans throw stats and numbers in your face, these people are known as Kobe "Bops". meaning that the 30+ amount of those kids are Kobe dick riders. when they all know deep down inside. that lebron is better then kobe.
by Truee2koo December 28, 2009
St. Louis area word for exstacy
Asker "How much them bops gon 4"

Replier "10 a pop cuz"
by Pit Locc December 07, 2009
a cannabis and tobacco mixture smoked in a modified bong,
also known as a "yettie". Instead of a bowl there is a hollow tube about the same size as a cigarette to place a few rings, about a third of an inch, of a cigarette in one end of the tube. Cannabis is usually packed in on top of the cigarette. The packed end of the tube is to be placed upwards inside the female part of the bong to create a full bop.
take that bop
have a bop
pack that bop
we're bopping
i'm bopped
bop that bop
I want a bop
by boptobop September 08, 2009
"Bank Ova Partners", used to show more interest in money than making friends...
Dude: Watup man yo musik fire, let's chill out sometyme

Eazy: Mann, B.O.P bitch!!!
by -Eazy- August 01, 2009
a female who gives blowjobs to many different men.
she usually gets right to it.
unfortuneately, bops usually don't swallow so they get a facejob.
person A: ayo did you hear about tommy?
person B: oh that he got sucked by that dumb bop, isabella?
person A: yeeaah i heard she didnt swallow
person B: whatta hoe.
person A: she gets around.
by greencatz July 15, 2009
word found in DC, MD, and VA (DMV) meaning blowjob.
David: what are you doing tonite Joe?

Joe: Oh nothing, just getting the bop from my girlfriend!

David: nice one!
by rodfgravy March 31, 2009
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