commonly utilized in urban circles referring to a pair of short jean shorts. the term first appeared when sandra, an information assistant at rutgers campus information services, wore a pair of such shorts and was spotted in an awkward moment by an information technology analyst from her department. a hot makeout session ensued thereafter, of course, for no one can deny the power of booty-booties.
"yo, girl, you got some nice booty-booty!"
by kolleen September 02, 2006
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Top Definition
The act of doing the 69 reverse, where you are simply rubbing your ass in their face and the back of your head into their crotch.
Jon: I was gonna fuck her, but she wanted to booty booty.
by bootyluver February 21, 2012
Butt sex. Term derived from the common term "getting booty" or having vaginal sex, whereas "booty" refers to a butt, so getting "booty booty" means getting butt sex, or anal. Alas, sex of the butt category.
Upstanding man #1: Bro, did you get some booty from dat ho last night?
"Bro": Yeah, man, I got booty booty! It was tight as hell.
Upstanding man #1: Damn bro, I wish my gurl would do dat, but she's afraid to try it.
by The Chaser of Dark Holes April 15, 2013

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