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a playful nickname for a guy used by a girl in a flirtatous manner.
Awwww bootsie, you look so cute today!
by Krishele Polkin July 12, 2006
31 69
something wack and/or uncool; someone who is played out
That nigga was so bootsie, how you gonna ask for my number after trying to talk to my friend?
by that dozen April 30, 2005
290 91
(adj) Of a negative or undesirable nature.
Damn, those P-Flyers are bootsie.
by Khobalt January 05, 2004
107 73
lame, boring, or whack.

boot-like in appearance.
Man, that movie was bootsie.

Yo dude, you ever seen italy before, its hella bootsie.
by J-Unit 9 1 to da 6 March 02, 2009
41 46
1) To commit an error on a ground ball in baseball
2) To make a horrible mistake
Oh my god! That shortstop just had a massive bootsie on that ground ball

Oh my god! Hooking up with that crazy chick was a massive bootsie on my part
by MAUKNO August 03, 2010
4 31
Deliberately cute, precious, delicious, sweet and unique. Started in Los Angeles 2006.
coyly mannered: That baby pomeranian is "cutesy in the bootsie"..... "Your bag is so darn bootsie"!
by Sandra 91364 September 22, 2007
48 80
sexy, and or realing in the babes. this shit is so hot hes gonna need a fire extinguisher.
dude that guy is so bootsie that all the girls in the club are after him
by largepenis911 November 15, 2009
19 52

Derived from the verb To Boot, a synonym for vomiting.
Liquor before beer and I was most certainly not in the clear. In fact, I woke up completely bootsie.
by writinglady March 22, 2009
10 48