Adj.: synonymous with beautiful
"How bootle that case-mod looks."
by master_gopher January 17, 2005
Top Definition
(verb) To forcibly place one's bare rear-end in another's face as a sign of degradation and ridicule.
"I'm gonna bootle him brown."
by sam_bomb September 02, 2005
n. severe sleep deficit
I'm trying to operate on some serious bootle. One hour of sleep... I'm a wreck
by LAO OWL February 17, 2009
the best friend anyone could ask for, the one who is willing to randomly throw milk at lunch, sneak out of the house just because, run across to the movies when we are allowed to be there, and so much more. she has saved my life and showed me reasons to live the easiest person to love.
wow she is almost as great as bootle(but not even close).
by em February 10, 2004
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