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Ass kisser, brown noser, that guy BDK from the SILIVE forums
BDK is always kissing Capt. Connoly's ass, what a bootlicker!!!
by pedroooooo October 05, 2006
The act of licking a boot for an excuse to step higher in life; Brown noser; No other option than to become a boot licker
I refuse to learn anything else. I would rather become a boot licker and suck an ass to step up in life than to gain experience.
by Magpi March 30, 2006
(N) 1 a: A person whose social function is to clean the boots of others with his/her tongue. b: A derogatory colloquialism, an insult.

1. (a) The sudden spread of bubonic plague in 1348-1354 hit Europe's native Bootlicker population especially hard.

2. (b) The Architect acts like a complete bootlicker.
by Pharaoh August 18, 2004
A submissive male in a BDSM relationship who refers to his mistress' knee-high vixen boots or thigh-high domination boots as "lollipops."
When the dominatrix told her slave, "Lick my boots or I'll whip you senseless," the bootlicker responded, "Thank you, mistress. I really love the taste of your lollipops."
by Sir Bullwhip October 08, 2006
One who licks boots
TillerMan is a real bootlickers!
by RabidEvil June 10, 2003