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The act of licking a boot for an excuse to step higher in life; Brown noser; No other option than to become a boot licker
I refuse to learn anything else. I would rather become a boot licker and suck an ass to step up in life than to gain experience.
by Magpi March 30, 2006
Ass kisser, brown noser, that guy BDK from the SILIVE forums
BDK is always kissing Capt. Connoly's ass, what a bootlicker!!!
by pedroooooo October 05, 2006
(N) 1 a: A person whose social function is to clean the boots of others with his/her tongue. b: A derogatory colloquialism, an insult.

1. (a) The sudden spread of bubonic plague in 1348-1354 hit Europe's native Bootlicker population especially hard.

2. (b) The Architect acts like a complete bootlicker.
by Pharaoh August 18, 2004
A submissive male in a BDSM relationship who refers to his mistress' knee-high vixen boots or thigh-high domination boots as "lollipops."
When the dominatrix told her slave, "Lick my boots or I'll whip you senseless," the bootlicker responded, "Thank you, mistress. I really love the taste of your lollipops."
by Sir Bullwhip October 08, 2006
One who licks boots
TillerMan is a real bootlickers!
by RabidEvil June 10, 2003
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