an utterly useless and sorry person with the IQ of a mentally chalenged osterich.
Origin- This word was first used with this definition appx. 8 years ago when a person fitting the above description constantly wore a set of "expensive" cowboy boots to school. The term has become semi-popular and has been adopted by the local fire department as well as many other people in western Mass.
You boots, you just spent $2000.00 on eBay to reserve a place in Heaven?
by C7 November 26, 2004
a big fag who enjoys wacking it and thinking about his friends' parents.
BOBBY BERRY is a boot.
by boot October 28, 2003
marine corps term used to describe a recent boot camp graduate. You can tell by their high and tight haircut, yelling out cadences when running/walking, often works out with a camelback, and posts obnoxious stuff on how "motivated" and "dedicated" they are on social media. Will also brag about how they love to serve their country to their civilian friends and cry at the sight of a bald eagle.
Jon: "God damn fucking field day again"
Boot fuck: "Oorah, kill kill, fucking motivated and dedicated"

Jon:"fucking boot"
by Knight_slayer April 29, 2015
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