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an utterly useless and sorry person with the IQ of a mentally chalenged osterich.
Origin- This word was first used with this definition appx. 8 years ago when a person fitting the above description constantly wore a set of "expensive" cowboy boots to school. The term has become semi-popular and has been adopted by the local fire department as well as many other people in western Mass.
You boots, you just spent $2000.00 on eBay to reserve a place in Heaven?
by C7 November 26, 2004
a San Jose word meaning something sucks
"Ms. Walsh's class is boots!"
by anonymous May 31, 2004
a big fag who enjoys wacking it and thinking about his friends' parents.
BOBBY BERRY is a boot.
by boot October 28, 2003
the canadian slang term for vomiting
he's gonna boot
by VerucaKrueger April 09, 2004