High Grade Bud
"Cum let's get sum boom tingz and get mash up"
by Oz August 07, 2003
a word which chavs or people who dont know any adjectives so they make them up.
Educated person: WTF!?! retard.
by Pricey1345 November 15, 2008
A girl who's incredibly hot.
Katie Leask is boomting!
by J-Star! December 08, 2007
a very large pair of tits
"dat girl got sum boom tingz"
by lee white August 22, 2003
I love a bit of boomting!
by Doc of Love October 03, 2011
big titties with silicon nipples
you got nice boomtings
by Raj Kumar November 29, 2004
To be extremely hot.
Katie leask is boomting!
by J-Star. December 08, 2007

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