A person capable of consuming inhumanly large quantities of alcohol (rocky mountain goodness), and being completely unaffected by the next day. When the title booze-pig fails use boomer.
Wow, that guy just drank an entire islands worth of Coors. He is a real boomer.
by Boozepig of the south February 07, 2010
Something/Someone that's extremely innocent, shy, little, baby, cute and has no previous experience to life and sometimes clueless.
-So did you get any last night?
-No! Matt is such a boomer he's never even kissed a girl!
by mashmellow November 22, 2009
Like a hummer, but involving Pop Rocks(see hummer)
Betty lost her teeth from all that candy, but boy does she give great boomers.
by TakTik May 19, 2005
A fat fuck who can't keep his food down. He seems to be unable to move any faster than a snail due to his immense weight, much in the same way as Ian McNiece. The reason for the inability to stop spewing mimics the reaction we all get when we are forced to watch High School Musical. Of course, some people have these spewing reactions regardless.
Man 1 spews
MAN 2: It's Boomer!
by mrpompyelliotandhisfriends November 15, 2010
1) the character from Left 4 Dead 2.
2) any chick who's ugly as fuck/obese
Did you see that fat chick? She is such a fuckin boomer.
by NiggerRad January 11, 2010
another word for a male kangaroo according to fact # 185 on snapple...or a nick name for a certain guy....
jack: "goood morning mates! today we are going to be looking at boomers...and you will see one if you look outside the window on your right...."
by like im going to tell you August 27, 2005
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