As defined by the world famous "s
Smitty", Boombas can also be referred to as Chalobes and/or Lunch
"if not for those Boombas, I'd have nothing to do during commercials"

"Wow, nice Lunch"
by Chonny May 27, 2005
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Term of endearment for one's girlfriend
Varadius: "You're the best, Boomba"
by @REAL_SWAGGY_P November 19, 2014
a simple faction of breaking wind or flatulation.
Did you boomba? Alright, who passed the boomba?
by Minkey Jimmy September 17, 2006
Big ass Boob-ages (aka tits)
Did you scope out the boombas (aka Winnebagos)on that biotch, Chonny?
by C Schmitty May 20, 2005
n. Filipino slang for sex, pornography, or any other adult related entertainment or activities.
My friend likes to watch boomba on tv in the morning while eating his breakfast.
by BOLDSTARZ July 11, 2003
Testicles. Derived from "bumbas", the Latvian word for balls.
Don't let your boombas get caught in your zipper.
by Bunny Aquarium May 03, 2014
A really powerful and hard shot in football, its so powerful that it usually gets into the goal if shot on target.
after he scored a really powerful shot .. he yelled "BOOMBA"
by Laith Palamero March 19, 2013

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