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A burst of sudden outrage
When telling a friend: "My dad went booloo last night."
by Stealthy Stanley October 14, 2003
The act of entering a state of wild uncontrolable rage, often to the point of irridescance. Can also be used as a verb and can be conjugated
Fucking hell, Steve just shat in John's pint, and he's gone totally fucking booloo
by monkfish_uk July 13, 2006
Meaning something that is crazy or strange. Can mean an inanimate object.
'You're boo-loo!'
'My computer has gone boo-loo.'
by Will Morgan March 18, 2005
Means Baby's dick in greek
Hey booloo, wassup?

You fucking booloo, what the hell are you doin!
by Williams3125 January 20, 2008
my cats nickname is booloo
he has sudden bouts of outrage when you feed him the wrong brand of food.
by geoff May 05, 2005
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