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v-A Blood phrase, where the "c" in coolin' is replaced with a "B".
"I ain't doin much blood, just boolin'"
by MackD December 22, 2005
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Fooling, foolish behavior.
Guy 1: Hey dude let's game
Guy 2: I can't man, no gamin on weekdays
Guy 1: It's not a weekday
Guy 2: Dude it's wednesday, you boolin hard son
by Woogie Noogie December 31, 2014
Nah, I'm just home boolin fam
by john hansel321 June 09, 2015
A group of guys relaxing or chillin'. Boys + Coolin = Boolin

First used by Maleek Taylor (Riverdale, GA) during a Vine video.
I'm at the crib just boolin right now.
by K.J. Steezy September 30, 2013
Someone who says or does something stupid. Girl or guy who is ugly but thinks they are attractive.
Why the hell would you say that? Yea c'mon boolin!


Does this boolin really think shes hot? For real, what a dumbass, she's no bad bitch
by wazza3 November 17, 2011

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