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Refers to anything fake or not authentic, especially shoes which are often countfeited along with handbags.
These counterfeits are cheap imitations that are stupid color combos and similar to wearing crap on your feet.

or any situation, anything or person that is a bunch of crap.
a regular guy: "Hey man are those shoes boolian or did you get those in an actual store?"

loser: "uh, I don't know, my mom bought 'em on the street after she cashed our welfare check."

dude #1: hey man is that an actual color in those shoes?

dude #2: nah man, those are boolians.

coworker #1: man Ben pulled all of those shoes off of the wall, and then he told me to clean them all up.

coworker #2: dude don't worry about it, he's freakin boolian.
by Chili-Man July 03, 2008
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