A mysterious creature which resembles a small bear and practices bite and hide techniques.
That Booky was vicious! Where did it go?
by Papa Bear 27 September 30, 2012
Top Definition
when someone is actin a little bit suspitios
"that ute down ther is movin booky
by Shotgun_gcs January 27, 2009
When a person is acting suspicious, weird or out of the ordinary.
Look at Margret over there she’s acting booky.
by Snapz14813 June 23, 2010
Betting shop - slang
Im going to the bookies to bet on a horse.
by John March 30, 2005
snakey snitch not to be trusted
See ur cuz he was carryin on wid some booky movements yeasturday. Guess hu he was at the funfair wid?

Nahe bruv dats booky swear down
by kiahm1 May 04, 2008
Something you wouldn't want to see/experience when high or under the influence of drugs.
*is high*
*police slowly drives past*
"That was bare booky"

*takes acid*
*tripping major ballsack*
*house is making him feel uneasy*
"This house is booky as fuck mate"
by BookyDickwad April 18, 2016
When something is good
Man that weed was so booky

When the blem so booky it's somewhat spooky

Where can man's get that booky shirt
by Stanley Wade October 05, 2015
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