luke warm or tepid milk prepared for a wee scamp. etymology: Japanese ‚Ô‚Á‚©‚¯ (bukkake)
Calm down, there's no use crying over spilt bookie.
by David Andrews May 23, 2005
Something wierd,tasteless, or out of the ordinary (see "wack")
Damn, that mess is Bookie.
by Madd Hatter January 28, 2003
A Massivley big fat piece of shit (B) Stands For Bigg
UUUUUUUU nigggaaaaa loook at that Bookie
Nigga U Smell Like Bookie
by JHONNNNNNNNNIE January 21, 2010
When one looks like shit, smells like shit, etc.
"Girl, I woke up this morning lookin' like bookie!"
by chiquitamarlita September 04, 2008
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