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Something wierd,tasteless, or out of the ordinary (see "wack")
Damn, that mess is Bookie.
by Madd Hatter January 28, 2003
42 107
A facebook friend
Hey to all my bookies out there...anyone wanna go out tonight??
by kimmerva May 29, 2010
34 101
Bookie means wierd for example, you would use it to say that someone is acting different or wierd.
"Your acting bookie!" or "That girl is bookie."
by Boom Skreemah June 13, 2009
78 146
a bowel movement
I just took the biggest bookie and it clogged the toilet!
by mysouthernmama February 16, 2009
23 91
a female (bitch) rookie
Ehh she cant hang-fuckin bookie!
by M703 January 22, 2009
28 96
When one looks like shit, smells like shit, etc.
"Girl, I woke up this morning lookin' like bookie!"
by chiquitamarlita September 04, 2008
30 98
Pronounced (boo-key); This is a person of Middle Eastern or Indian descent. They are so called, b/c when they speak, all it sounds like they are saying is bookie bookie bookie.
Hey man do you wanna go get a Slurpee from the store?
Yeah I'd love to, but I can't understand that smeely bookie behind the counter.
by C. Dub November 06, 2006
19 87